Terms & Condition

Living Plus Limited is the exclusive developer and builder for planning, implementing and allotment of all facilities of the project as a modern and luxurious apartment complex consisting of self-contained apartments, reserved car parking and other features etc described in the brochure, subject to the following terms and condition:


Application for booking of apartment has to be made in developer’s prescribed application form duly signed by the applicant and shall be submitted to the marketing department along with booking money. The company reserves the right to accept or reject any application without assigning any reason.   


Allotment will be made on first-come first-served basis. Upon acceptance of application, booking money and other necessary papers, Living Plus Limited will issue an allotment letter in favor of the applicant. This allotment letter will include the payment schedule, which is expected to be adhered strongly by the allottee. The allottee is not entitled to transfer the apartment to third party till the apartment is handed over to him/her.


All payments should be made by A/C payee cheque/bank draft/pay-order in favor of Living Plus Limited. Allotee residing abroad may remit payments by TT or DD. Allottee willing to make full payment in one time will be rewarded with substantial rebate. 

Delay in Payments:

The allottee will be liable to pay a delay charge of 10.00% (ten percent) on the defaulted amount.


If any installment is delayed by 30 days or more the developer Living Plus Limited will reserve the right to cancel the allotment by serving 60 days notice to the allottee. However, if the allottee has defaulted on the due date of payment by more than 30 days on 3 occasions the developer Living Plus Limited may cancel the allotment without serving any notice to the allottee.


Upon payment of down payment Living Plus Limited & the allottee will execute a Deed of Agreement. However, in case of availing Bank Loan by the allottee, the adjustment amount will be settled through mutual discussion.


After receiving full payment and other related charges/dues including delay charge if any, the possession of the apartment shall be handed over to the allotee as per scheduled time.


The Allottee shall bear all costs related with registration as stamp duties, registration fees, AIT (53FF), Gain Tax (53H). Govt. taxes, VAT, etc. including legal and miscellaneous expenses to be incurred in connection with land & apartment’s ownership transfer.


All connection Fees/charges, security deposits and other incidental expenses relating to Gas, Power, Sub-station, Sewerage, Water connection will be on the Allottee’s account. 


The developer reserves the right of making any alteration, addition, omission or revision of the architectural and structural design or drawing and minor change in specification within the “Imarat Nirman Bidhimala-2008 for the interest of the project without prior notice to the buyer or any Legal authority.


If the project is abandoned for any reason beyond the control of Living Plus Limited such as acts of God, economic depression, policy of the Govt. Political Unrest etc. Living Plus Limited will refund the entire money deposited by the allottee without any interest or compensation. Allottee will not be entitled to any other claim whatsoever. 


The buyer must become a member of the owner’s association which will be formed by the buyers of the apartments for the management of the common services. Each buyer of an apartment shall deposit an initial amount (which will be fixed by the developer) towards association fund before taking over the apartment. The monthly utility service expenses will be born by the owners as per requirement, which will be decided by the association.

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